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Mr. Cogan

Bob hardfit the Nowlin barrel (9x19) in oneamy EAA Witnesses; ha! Accurate gun.
Real accurate.

Gotta drop-in BarSto in oneamy 1911's; came with a fitted bushing.
Accurate gun.
Real accurate.

Gotta EAA factory match barrel (40 S&W) bought used from a friend; kinda fit it in oneamy Witnesses; ha!
Accurate gun.
Real accurate.
Except I tried to take it apart today, broke oneathe (rusted in) grip screws, got the trigger and hammer pins out, now got the whole thing screwewwewewd up I'm gonna need all the King's horses and all the King's men........

....and, apparently, a big wad of fix-me cash.

Sorry for rambling, but I got this big pile of EAA crap on my bench now, and, frankly, no good end in sight. Site. Whatever.

Darn, was gonna IPSC again widdit 'cause it is/was so accurate........
"all my ammo is mostly retired factory ammo"
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