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Many years ago (too many years ago) I DID work at a 711. I worked the 11 pm to 7am shift. One thing I did was feed the Cops. I never charged them for coffee and a sandwich was an entitlement. One night about 2am two aholes came in and while one was walking about taking stuff and generally vandalizing the other. leaned over the counter, grabbed me by the shirt, pulled a knife and told me he wanted money. I had a mop bucket, the commercial variety with the big squeeze thin and the steel handle about 2' long. I pulled the handle loose and laid it on the leering fool and proceeded...
While I was beating him, the other guy freaked out and ran from the store just as a Cop was pulling up for coffee. In short, they were both busted. The guy I was working on was ambulanced away. The Cop thought it was a hoot. It was then I decided to carry.
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