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Some people on here may not be impressed, but a few might learn something too. Some shouldn't be too quick to dismiss what someone else might know about the game that they have not considered or grasped.

so we got to train the mental game to master the form that will be Perfect
This is true of pistol shooting; as it also applies to rifle and shotgunning. It also applies to golf among other things.

What the Hood is trying to do is articulate the keys to improvement. It is all well and good teaching stances, grip, sights and trigger control; but what about the interface with the mind? How to train the mind to be consistant - concentration - and apply it to the physical manipulation of the weapon. Be it a pistol or a long gun.

Mastering target shooting is easy, But master tourament shooting is a Mental game that few have
This is also true. Some people are "good shots", but can not do it "on demand every time" under the pressure of competition.

Just as there are target shooters who can shoot excellent groups on paper at a range - who couldn't hit a game animal in the vitals to save their life. If they can get close enough to shoot one.
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