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I use a Uniflow and added a baffle and a micrometer. Both are must have accessories. I have found it to be most accurate with the ball type powders such as AA#2 and 231. I do find some resistance when operating the handle occasionally, not every charge you throw, when using the flake powders such as Blue Dot and Unique. I don't think it is as accurate with the flake powder as it is with the ball powder, but it is plenty accurate enough. The groups on the targets don't seem to know the difference, and I guess that is what matters. I do like Unique for .45 ACP. It just perfoms well for me. I load 5.7 grains with the 230 grain FMJ or JHP. I load 5.5 grains with a 200 grain SWC. I must admit though, I have wanted to try one of the Reddings. Just curious I guess. But, I have to say the Uniflow does everything I ask of it and I am very happy with it.

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