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Uh, trust me on this one; use OC in an enclosed area and your office will be uninhabitable for awhile. I'm recommending the X-26 Taser with shaped pulse technology, and the cartridges with the longest probes (for penetrating clothing). I've deployed a Taser several times with excellent results. They do work against drunks and druggies, and when they don't, it's usually operator error. The biggest mistake seems to be trying to use it on a running person, or while you're running. Target the major muscle groups. The more muscular the person is, the more effective the Taser is. They are good up to 21 feet, but the ideal distance is 7 to 13 feet. During Taser training, we had to "ride the full 5" (seconds, that is). Trust me on this one too, NO one can fight against a properly deployed Taser!!! If you are determined to go with OC, DON'T get the over-the-counter stuff sold at Wal Mart, etc. It's worthless and will only pi** the bad guy off. You want the 10% law enforcement issue stuff.
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