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Another vote for the RCBS

I was very active in IPSC competetion for several years and loaded many thousand .45 ACP with Unique using an RCBS Uniflow.

I later got a Dillon 550B and their measure also throws Unique uniformly.

As to loads - -
6.2 of Unique with either the 230 RNL or FMJ. I notice the Alliant load book shows 6.0 as their top load with the FMJ. Other manuals go up to 6.5, but that's unnecessarily vigorous.

I'm a big fan of Unique, but I switched to W231 a few years back when I couldn't get Unique locally. The 231 worked so well, I changed over for my .45 ACP loading. It meters well and is slightly more economical. I use 5.4 gr with 230 LRN and 5.6 for 230 FMJ.

These are not the hottest loads possible, but they closely approximate factory hardball, and I see no reason to stress my guns with anything stouter.

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