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The Hood
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How do we Train and How long

Trianing to be the Best,,The Elite!

How would you Train

I being the World Champion and uppTeen State Title's holder may just know something,,,,,Maybe hehe

As you can Tell....

It could be all Mental

You Know

In The Head

After all, You got to shoot that last shot knowing you are going to be the Elite The Rest of Your Life..........

so we got to train the mental game to master the form that will be Perfect..

Yeap, It's a Head Game...That if you can't control, you'll never finish on top the World of your

It's just a Hobby....Inless you want to be the Best, Then it's a life!

The Hood is Here to enlighten you...

No Thread Jackin,TBO's

I take a while to spew and Hoodigy is hard to read...

The Best of the Best in Target shooting is Heere............

The Hood
I'll bet a signed one with anyone of you That at 20 yards I can out shoot you with my Bow...hehe

I be The Hood~RobbyHood
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