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Para Bellum, . . . I work for a multinational fortune 500 company that I always thought was very open, friendly, etc. I rather naively just thought they were good guys and everyone respected them, . . . etc.

Well, . . . they're still good guys, . . . but not everyone respects them. I had to go to our Cleveland operation some time back, . . . and also to Pittsburgh also. Both have high security.

At Cleveland, I was funneled through one of four glass doors (3 were locked) so the receptionist could see me clearly. That put me between two sets of glass doors and without the card, . . . I could go no further than stand and push the intercom button. I gave her my name and contact, . . . and I stood there until my contact came up, . . . recognized me, . . . and personally opened the door to allow me in.

At Pittsburgh, . . . every day there I had to sign in, give photo ID, corporate ID, . . . etc., before I could even get on an elevator going anywhere other than the main floor.

All in all, it is not that expensive to set up, . . . and the double sets of doors can be rigged to isolate and imprison the person awaiting LEO presence.

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