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Darren: Where is Bill Gates? Sadly, on the other side; He helped bankroll prop 676 in Washington! As for me, I don't think I could afford such a legal battle, unless we could somehow restrict it to small claims court!
Jim: Well, let's see: I AM an R&D mechanical designer and machinist, working in an R&D shop. And I DO have some interesting design concepts for firearms I'd like to try out. So the idea that I might want to design some experimental firearms, with an eye to getting into the business if they work out, isn't so implausible. In fact, it's the truth; I've noticed that firearms companies seem to start up with relatively little capital, and not much more equipment than I already have at home. So I guess the next step would be to contact the BATF. By the by, why do you refer to them as the ATF? You can't drink them, you can't smoke them, and as Waco demonstrated, you can't even fire them; They're the BUREAU of ATF, not ATF itself!
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