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Regarding retention techniques, here's a old post by Marty Hayes, of FAS (Firearms academy of Seattle) that speaks about the Lindell method vs. "destructive" techniques.

"Any method that relies on destructive techniques also hinges on physical strength to overpower an opponent. Having said that, if you possess the physical strength to do the techniques properly, no prob. But, as an instructor, I believe I need to teach techniques that people who are not the most physically fit can also do. Hence, I started teaching the LIndell method about 7-8 years ago, and continue to do so today.

As previously stated, it takes practice to master the techniques. I got news for you, mastering ANY skill takes practice. If a person took the time to practice WR as much as they do shooting, they would either be very skilled at WR or lousy at shooting too.

The Lindell method relies on leverage, not strength. Thus, pretty much anyone who has a reasonable level of physical strength and mobility can learn the techiques."

Interesting.... I would think that being well rounded, knowing the Lindell system very well, yet also having the capability to do strikes as well, would be very beneficial.

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