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The question really depends on the circumstances of the situation in question. If an individual approached one and requested information as to the proceedure involved in leaglly converting his semi auto to select or full auto configuration in compliance with fed. & st. laws, and is told to contact ATF before doing anything ,I would think that one would have no problem. As to the scenario in UC, I could see how an ATF agent could try to stick it to someone who would go into technical detail as to the mechanics of conversion without first ensuring that fed. & st. laws were being complied with. BTW, in the old pre-86 days many of the so-called "conversion kits" for sale were intentionally sold in a "out of tolerance" condition so the seller could avoid prosecution in the event that ATF got a hold of one of their kits.These sellers knew that the kits were being used W/0 the form 1's, and they also probably hoped that some of the people buying the kits would be unable to re-engineer them to get the kit to function, thereby relieving the kit dealer of possible liability in the event that the kit was used in a criminal act.
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