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For your first match, just focus on safety and begin to develop strategy by listening/questioning other shooters. The thing that all other shooters will be looking at is whether you are safe, not your score. That will give you more than enough to do. You can go after improvement once the basics are ingrained in your every reacton.

In acton pistol you are out of the game immediately for safey infractions. You get no refund on your entry fee. Go slow and make it through the whole match. Remember that walking/running to your weak hand direction parallel to the firing line puts you in danger of breaking the 180 rule and sweeping competitors. Finger off the trigger while moving, etc.

Strategy is very important--calculating the best target sequence or travel direction (where there are choices), timing reloads to movement so as not to find yourself wasting time reloading while standing still in front of a target. Little things like not waiting for steel poppers to fall if you hear a hit; continue on and give them time to fall then come back if need be.

Since you are constantly locating targets the tendency is to look at the target rather than the front sight.

Just enjoy this one.
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