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If you are literally thinking of going into bullseye competition, the definitive web site is .

If you are shooting at bullseyes, in preparation for Action or Practical Shooting, their is plenty of information available from various Web sites associated with each group. For instance, IPSC information can be found at .

No matter what the shooting discipline, if you want to get very far you need to be able to shoot a group and call each shot at the instant the gun fires. The paper plate example is worth noting. At seven yards, a Master class IPSC shooter should be able to put 6 rounds from the holster on that plate in under 2 seconds (around 1.75-1.80). But that's just a matter of a quick draw, good index, visual inputs, and timing. If that Master can't shoot a group and call his shots, Grand Master class will remain very elusive, and his chances of actually being competitive aren't very good.
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