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I own several types both the linda pistol and 2 M68 carbines low sequential serial numbers and a variant called the M80 that has a scope rail serial # 1X. They shoot very accurately and I was once at the Lake Elsinor range in SO California shooting at a armor plate about 150 ~ 200 yards away. I would fire then ...........................tink Fire ...........................tink. As you can see the barrel is quite robust and Guns and Ammo (I have a copy of it ) filled 9mm brass full with Bullseye, and had got almost 2000fps out of it with no problems to the weapon. Its accuracy is enhanced by the bolt wrapping around the barrel in precise alignment, (a unique design). My carbines are J& R engineering and if you look on the California ban list they are specifically listed. I suspect the wood is not original because I think they were originally plastic. I have a simple 4 page manual for both the Carbines and Linda pistol if you like PM me and I will send you PDF versions.
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