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Cost etc..

If you go the poorman route, you could be casting for a single caliber for a couple hundred bucks~(Sizer/Luber, scrounged castiron pot, dippers etc) or a with all the bells & whistles kit, from 500 on up to OMG depending on who's equipment you get and how many you will be producing.

I have mostly 2 cavity moulds and cast about 1000 a day when I fire it up, by hand, not bottom pour. Occassionally I'll throw a casting party and invite friends who just love the mystique of making ones own bullets and help just to learn it. Makes me feel like Tom Sawyer a little. Several thou on a good casting party day is possible. (buy enough dippers for friends to use!)

With the price of bullets nowadays, it only takes a couple/few thousand to recoup equipment cost.

Any of you guys use 'Magma Engineerings' Master Caster?
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