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As of right now, the whole idea is a string of thoughts and ideas put together, I really didn't expect to get jumped on by considering to help add to our community.

Although, I realize that relying on firearm sales alone is not enough to make ends meet and then some, I'd like to target the law enforcement community. There is only one LE dealer I know of around here that services local departments, and their prices are outrageous, and the staff is mediocre at best.

All in all, my ideal store would have firearms, duty/carry equipment, armor, holsters, helluva stockload of ammo, and an indoor firing line, an ultrasound cleaning machine (i think that's what it is?), and firearm rentals.

I mentioned that I'd stock at least 1 of every model... those would be the rentals to begin to pay them off.

I'd stock lots of Glocks (since all the agencies around here can only use Glocks).

My thought would be that if I stock alot of firearms that sell quickly, that covers me to meet a demand, and when someone is looking for something that isn't carried by other dealers, they at least have something in front of them to check out and test fire.

Anyhoo... its just a thought, maybe a midlife crisis?

And on the other hand, say I do fail, and I've got all of these guns that are paid for by loan, and have an FFL... I'd transfer them all to me, and have a stockpile of dealer priced weapons that I can pay off easily.
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