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Just upgraded my furnace to the RCBS before christmas and couldn't be happier.

I'd struggled with a Lee 10 lber for years, I'd used the Lee for dipping as the bottom pour never worked satisfactorly and I took the bits out and blocked up the spout, no drips.

However I wanted to get back to bottom pouring so I bought the RCBS, I've also just bought the 20lb Lee as there was a special offer and I thought another pot would be good for pure lead, guess what it drips. Also to be able to see the spout in relation to the mould the damn thing needs to be up about eye level, I don't like having 15lb of molten lead that close to my face.

Can't recommend the Lee, the price is good but in my book the compromises to get that price aren't worth it. Lee does the job but its a hard grind to get the job done, I always felt that I'd cast bullets in spite of the Lee not because of it.
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