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Edmund Rowe
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Got a theoretical question, as I don't picture myself ever owning one:

I was reading a recent issue of Small Arms Review with a big story on the HK 21 GPMG. If you read the article critically, it sure sounded like a long HK sales pitch.

I'm wondering, if it's so good, how come I never hear about any military forces using it? I read Delta Force did some training with it, and I don't doubt that many SpecOps groups will train with it, but they train with EVERYTHING. All other grunt machine-gunners around the world toting GPMG seem to use the FN MAG, M-60 > or the Russian PK series.

Something about the HK 21 that grunts don't like? Or did HK price themselves out of the market again?

I read once in SOF long ago that the HK 21 pounds the shooter badly. Anyone heard any other negative stories?

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