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Wish you luck, but been in the business myself for five years and it is not


The reason FFL's are in usually bad areas are usually zoning

laws. Usually won't let you drop a gun-shop next to Target. Even if they did

your rent a square foot would be very high.

The reason there are bars on the windows is people will drive a truck through

your store front to get your guns. As for taking out the inventory out of the

safe every morning, leave yourself a couple of hours before you open and

after you close and all that handling will scratch and ding the merchandise.

All the brands you list are great, but your competition will be getting them at

the same cost leaving you in a real competitive situation. Gun Buff's will know

their stuff and shop prices in a 100 mile radius driving down your margin. If

you can get good deals on used stuff that is the way to go.

We do guite a bit of internet stuff but you can't count on it being steady all

the time. $20,000 in a weekend is good, but if you are only making $20 to

$25 a $300 to $500 gun you can calculate the take before paying expenses.

There are always dealers at the shows selling for pennies over cost.

You have to find your niche, ours is servicing the high power community

among other things.

All that being said, I'm having the time of my life!!
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