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I don't get you get you guys

I know brandishing is illegal but do you really think Jimbo with the screwdriver is going to run to the cops and tell them you drew your weapon and pointed it at him after he attempted to rob you? Give me a break! I would draw the gun and hold him for the cops. If he runs, just let him go.

No offense to convenient store/liquor store clerks but you guys have a great chance of getting robbed. Get a safer job. Even if you are able to defend yourself, you may end up getting tried by an over-zealous DA, getting sued by the Scumbag if he survives (make sure it doesn't) or the relatives of the aforementioned scumbag, and then getting fired for violating a no weapons policy. You guys are just looking for trouble.

I worked at a Wendy's as a night manager as part of my hospitality management program. This store was located on a busy street but it was not in the best of neighborhoods. I talked to the franchisee about carrying but he said it was prohibited. After having drugged out wackos walking up tp the drivethrough and having to fire a crack hoe after my first week, I carried regardless. I borrowed my mom's Sig P230 since you can just slip it in your pocket. I am fortunate I never had to use it but I know I would have to deal with a bunch of crap if I did.
The ATF should be a convenience store instead of a government agency!
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