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Non-firearm stopping need

Our workplace (lawfirm) was the scene of an almost-lethal knife assault recently. We are 10 people in several rooms in an 250 square-meter office. I am the only one who can safely and accurately use handguns and carries all the time. My office is way in the back and not exposed at all. So if it hits the fan again, I might come to help with my handgun but am not likely to instantly have to defend myself.

The others at my firm are somewhat afraid of firearms. And if they are not willing to constantly seriously train, I don't want them to have one (I'm the boss here). This is because I don't want to have to handle an attacker and be afraid of a colleague who doesn't know what he/she's doing but waves a handgun around. You get the picture, I'm sure.

So what should I equip my employees with? Tazers? Pepper? Handheld stunguns? It needs stopping potential since knive-attacks proved to be an actual threat. Dogs are out of the question, I'm allergic.

Thank you for your time and thought.
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