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As a quick follow-on to this... I would reading some literature that a suppressor manufacturer sent me last night and they talked about the value of using a suppressed weapon as a home defense weapon... but then they also said it was illegal in some states (didn't name them) to use a suppressed weapon against anybody -- even some scumbag in your house in the middle of the night.

BTW, let's all remember that the laws don't apply to one in a position of authority. A LEO carrying a subgun or sbs in his/her car would be looked upon as "part of the job".

Matter of fact, if you took 100 average folks off the street and asked them if the two following statements were true or false, you'd likely get TRUE and FALSE.

1. It's ok/legal for a police officer to have a machinegun.

2. It's ok/legal for a civilian to have a machinegun.

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