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Upon further reflection, I have thoguht that this is simlar to the "don't use Black Talons because they'll eat you alive in court" argument.

While it is true that, especially in civil court, the attorneys can do anything they want to sway the opinion against you. As I said, most of the people I know using NFA are either LE or professional security personnel (not mall cops, either..., Of the two "regular" people I know who have an NFA handy, one is a gunshop owner (CLass II/III dealer/manufacturer) the other is just about completely regular .

Does anyone have any info where using an NFA has been detrimental to a persons self-defense/justifiable homicide case?

In the end, I think this comes down to mental baggage. I decided that, for me, the convenience of the wallet holster (interms of CCW) is worth the added trouble and potential hassle of getting one as a registered AOW. Does 4" less of barrel on an 870 warrant that effort?
Does carrying 32 rounds of .380 that can be fired in less than 2 seconds?

Some people think so.


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