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One example in shotgun news is a Siaga 308 that KY Imports has advertised for $239.00. I saw 2 of these sell at a gun show for $329.00.
I understand that the show seller has costs as well, table, tranportation, time, maybe a helper at the show, but there is money to be made if you do it correctly.
Thats quite true, but most gun show buyers will have that same copy of SGN in their hands, so they know exactly what it costs from KY Imports and many of them will expect to pay only $30-40 more than that. My guess is they guy selling them at $329 isn't making many sales, but the kitchen table dealer with no store or overhead who can do it for $20 over cost + shipping will. As Wallew said, its extremely competitive and many gun buyers would rather travel 30 miles to another dealer to save $20-30 than pay a little more for the convenience of having it right there.
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