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Get the Book.
Shotshell reloading is very much a cookbook process. There is not the scope for trial and error that there is for rifle and pistol ammo. EVERYTHING affects the results on pressure, velocity, and pattern.. The hull, the primer, the powder, the wad, the shot, the crimp all matter a lot.
Mixed hulls are generally undesirable. Sort yours out, see what you have the most of, and use an appropriate load specified for that brand. It is not very convenient to change loads in shotshell loading, I suggest you reload what you use the most of and buy the small batches.

What kind of hunting load?
The other guys are recommending powders suitable for trap, skeet, and bird hunting. If you want heavy loads for pheasant or bigger, you need a slower burning powder... as specified in the Book.

There are shotshell manuals as for brass, but the free literature available from the powder companies is valuable because the specs on shotshell components change and you need up to date information. A load in a five year old handbook for a hull and wad no longer made is not much use.
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