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Tolerances Listed are

OK for all but the most precision work. IDPA, USPSA, Steel matches and general practice, tolerances are more than adequate. Rifle reloading requires more precision. Primers being properly seated is critical to a reliable, functioning hand gun. A Lee primer seater works fine, once you develop the feel for a properly seated primer, when it doesn't feel right, set it aside and examine closely for a fault. Same applies to a progressive, you develop feel. Some cases allow seating without much pressure and some require more effort. I haven't cleaned a .45 ACP primer pocket in last three years, yet will clean each and every rifle primer pocket. Last operation to do is case gauge every reload for chamber fit, especially for any competetive endeavor. Even if not saving a large amount of monies reloading, it is an enjoyable hobby. Being retired, I couldn't afford to shoot each weekend w/o doing so.
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