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I did call the ATF and they said it wouldn't fly.

Of course, he also told me that you can't legally convert a semi-auto H&K to select-fire with a registered sear.(OH-TAY!)

The person I talked to is not my usual contact at ATF. I will try later and see if he has anything different to say.

I know they don't write the laws, but, I can
legally own a GE electric gatling gun, or a 20 MM Vulcan cannon or etc., but someone in Washington D&C is going to get their panties in a wad if we can get the select-fire back plate for a Glock?!?!?!? HOO-YA!

I can just hear the argument from the g-g-gun f-f-f-fear c-c-crowd now. "well, why on earth do you need something like that?"

a. Because it's fun.
b. I don't have one of those toys yet.
c. I have varmits that carry disease in my
neighborhood. (wink, wink)

When are they going to get on the shotgun or knife bandwagon. If they only could figure out how many millions of people have been seriously injured, crippled or killed with knives or improvised stabbing or cutting weapons, they would f-f-f-f-f-faint.

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