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Here's the scoop on those Glock FSS items. First, I have heard that some overseas joints will sell them to you, charge your card & even send it off to you. There are some major legal issues here -- first and foremost, can you own the FSS backplate? While I am no attorney, the answer is probably yes. Can you own the backplate and a Glock pistol that it fits on? No. That would allow ATF to prove intent to manufacture a new machinegun & you would be looking at 10 years and 10,000$.

So... why are they marketing those devices here if they can't sell them here? First, I suppose they're marketing them on the internet and that's not necessarily "here". There are only a few legal ways that you can purchase and use one of those devices here in the USA:

1. Be a law enforcement agency (not individual officer)
2. Be a military entity (again, not individual soldier, squib, jarhead, etc.)
3. Be a Title II manufacturer who is making a *new* gun using the existing part for either 1 or 2 above.
4. Be an FFL/SOT who is bringing in a sales sample for 1 or 2 above to evaluate. You may not bring in the sample unless you get a letter from 1 or 2 indicating they want you to get one for evaluation purposes. Once you give up your FFL/SOT, you've got to give up what is called a "post-sample" machinegun. Yes, even just that itty-bitty little piece.

So... is there a legal way for most people to get a Full Auto Glock? No. I do not believe there are any Glock 18's on the registry, but I could be mistaken.

It's almost humerous that the only way you can bring in one of those backplates is if you're Law Enforcement or Military -- I'm quite sure this part voids any warranty Glock will offer on these pistols and the liability of using something that is, essentially, an "aftermarket" machinegun converstion is not something that would fly very well in litigation.

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