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Hi Guys,

Atmow, as I understand the question, you have asked for a choice of three different military battle rifles (not assault rifles), each of different design,( make?) and three different cartridges of different caliber and/or case length.

Putting aside the "sex appeal factor" and approaching the practical aspects of such a complex question, let me try the answer.

• Understanding that a riflemen, not the sniper, will rarely, if ever, open fire on a target much beyond 200 to 300 meters, we need to concentrate on those shooting systems that operate well within those ranges. 800 to 1,000 meter shooters are not what we're talking about here.

• Understanding also that the introduction of the auto select on the AR 15 has absolutely destroyed the concept of the well aimed shot - the back bone of crack infantry, we need to down play cycle rate or spray and pray power. Concentrate on reliable and accurate sighting systems.

• Man pack basic load is very important so weight factor VS. lethality of the ammunition and weapon is an essential consideration - to a point.

• Accuracy is a given as is field friendlyness and ally, NATO?, compatibility.

Given the above considerations, there are a heck of a lot of battle rifles in the world today that would fit the bill so my apologies to the deserving manufacturers that are not mentioned.

The battle rifles of my choice, in order of preference, are:

• H&K G3 series which utilizes the well proven roller-locked system of delayed blow back.
• More specifically the G3AZF which has a removable 4 power telescoped sight.
• Chambered in 7.62 X 51
• Hit probability on a body at 300 meters is .978

• FN FALvery reliable gas operated is slightly lighter than G3 series with full stock.
• Chambered in 7.62 X 51
• Hit probability on a body at 300 meters is .948

• Chambered in 7.62 X 51
• Hit probability on a body at 300 meters is .964

The cartridges of choice in order of preference are:

• 7.62 X 51 in Semi Armor Piercing (Semi AP) or Duplex
• 7.62 X 39 ball.
• 556 X 45
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