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If I had my own country - and had to pick a battle rifle for my troops? What a fun topic! Let my head swell for a moment here... Ah, I'm feeling EPIC enough now... Stand back:
Soldiers get the HK G36K, one out of each squad gets the HK G36 with the longer heavy barrel and the twin drum mags for fire support duty while again one out of each squad get the new HK 20MM/.223 over under SMART GUN system (thats with the 20MM on top and the HE rounds that explode at the range YOU choose). For my SPEC WARRIORS I'ld give them the FN P-90. I'ld also use South African artillery, US MLRS's, French Rafales, and Russian Mig 29s and SU-27s loaded with AAARM, AMRAAMS and AIM-9Xs. Oh, and Isreali Merkava main battle tanks - outfitted with turbine engines maybe, but first I'ld have to conduct official trials, and have a review board. Maybe a few hundred FIRE ANT anti Tank Robots just for fun. I'll save the rest for other posts 8-)

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