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Ps Cross-eye dominance sux for left eye right handed rifle guys ....
But with nose to charging handle(ar) and a red dot co-witnessed to irons,
amazingly enough, my shooting without the dot has improved also !
I am right handed and left eye dominant. I find it to be nearly an advantage. Your options in rifles are limited and I at least find myself insisting on ambi controls, but I also find that with my strong hand in front it is easier for me to follow game and keep the muzzle on target. And I am much faster manipulating the left-handed bolt on my 7mm than I ever was with the right-handed bolt on my .270.
Right now I am trying to settle on a handgun design on which I am comfortable to become especially proficent. I am in an experimenting stage but in the meantime, I would like to learn the basics of pistol shooting with a focus (no pun intended) on practical defensive pistol use. When I actually have a handgun that works, I'll be doing double tap drills and whatever else I can find to do. I also want to learn the right way to do things. For now, my HK will continue to allow me to practice malfunction clearing drills...
"...nothing says 'I WILL shoot every last one of you before you have time to reconsider your poor choices in life' like an AK."
~Dave R.
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