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In the rate of combustion! You are well on your way, Sir. This relationship can be affected by the burn rate geometery of a given powder. What started all of this was based on a 2.5" barrelled Ruger SRH Alaskan revolver and previous to that the best powder for .357 magnum loads in a 3" Ruger SP-101. Continued recommendations for H-110, W-296 and 2400, stuck in my craw, so when I gave a tried and true oppinion I had some contention from WESHOOT2 and a couple of engineers at Ruger Forum. What I was trying to point out was that the velocity loss of shorter barrelled revolvers could be minimized by selecting slightly faster powders with pressure peaks that would still achieve magnum velocity without the necessary loss of velocity that you will get with slower burning magnum powders. WESHOOT2 stated that pressure peak occured at the cylinder and two self announced engineers took a rather condescening position to my statements and tried to prove the theory. I got booted before I could offer the documented evidence from H.P. White laboratories. Of course, I was waiting for the full extension of the rope.

A LIMITED COMPARISON OF THE CRUSHER AND PIEZO SYSTEMS, in the Lyman manual will explain this thoroughly and while my reading comprehension and even intellectual skills were being called into question, it was apparent that I was the only person in the debate that was even aware of it. I issued a challenge of proof by suggesting to a new reloader to try AA#7 in the 3" SP-101, but was kicked off the forum before the results came in with the thread: AA#7 .357 Magnum Load Update, that now, I can't even respond to, but the shooters satisfaction is rewarding enough for me.

I have only been doing the internet gun forum thing for about a year. I have been studying ballistics involved with reloading for about 25 and some of the bigger forums have one thing in common. Guys that become self deluded by the number of posts they put up equating useful knowledge and there are at least 2 examples of them on this thread and I'll leave it at that. I was Kilroy at Ruger Forum, but I never heated a battle and then tucked tail and ran and as Sturm here, I won't either. I will be very weary of those who resort to name calling, because maybe they thought I wouldn't come out of the closet, so there it is, and be assured my weary eyes are keen.

Going back to the original question raised by Redhawk41, because my first .41 magnum handloads were developed in a 5.5" Redhawk, Try #9, but for a little less velocity and maybe better accuracy try #7, or use the old load that I used with the Hornady 210 gr. JHP and Blue Dot. The JHP is gone but the XTP will work as well I'm sure, as would the SPEER 210 gr. Gold Dot, but since the old load generated 37,000 CUP which would be on the threshold of the current SAAMI 40,000 PSI specification, I will abide by the moderators suggestions and not list it because of the possible pressure differences using the different bullets. but I will say it was an accurate load in my Redhawk. I will also say that W-231 and magnum cases are not for me!
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