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Guns w/

Attached lights are not flash lights, there are guns w/ with an accessary. Most people haven't, don't train moving around and amongst living breathing non adversaries in a 360 arena. There fore the most important thing not mentioned here is the placement of the trigger finger. Light and hand gun should move as one or nearly so, due to the fact of, when you light up an area, you light up your own world and become an instant target, if threat is there. You may have caused adversary night blindness or not. Light on sweep, off move if in open. Behind cover light on sweep, off remain behind cover, if only concealment move a step or two. Night sights are a advantage here as once hostile located w/ light, light generally not neccessary for rapid target acquistion. The 4 YO daughter shoudn't have been truly threatened if you were obeying rule regarding trigger finger.
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