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Some good quotes (I thought):

As a career criminal, he had done far more firearms training than many police officers - realistic, mobile training, more useful for gunfighting than the stationary-target practice that was standard for most cops.

That's when Billy Kennedy stops the lesson and explains the real world to young cops. "Every bullet fired has a lawyer attached," he tells the trainees. "You will lose your house. You will lose your career. You will lose your life as you know it."

"If you hit me dead-center in the heart with a shot," he says, "I've still got a minute in which I can hurt you. Think of taking a half-gallon of milk and pouring it out onto the ground. That's how much blood you can lose before you lose consciousness. You can do a lot of damage in that time. Bullets kill by striking the central nervous system, but that's rare. That's a small target it's a head shot or you bleed to death. Pistols are not efficient; they are convenient. We carry a lot of bullets because we miss a lot."
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