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Powder measure suggestions

Rodger, I'm sitting here looking at the latest Sinclair catalog. They devote a page to Harrell measures. As I read all the information there, I see stuff about "CNC machined aluminum body" and "needle bearings" and price tags that run from $173 to $234. What I don't see is any comparative claim regarding accuracy. While they do say the Harrell is accurate and repeatable, they don't say how accurate.
I have to admit that I've only used one brand of powder measure, but I've never seen any reason to change either. After a 'break-in' period, it now throws loads consistently within 0.1 grain of whatever load of whatever powder I happen to be using. Since I'm retired, I have the time to check more loads than you might, so I check about every third load. For the past year or so, I have rarely found any appreciable variation from my desired load.
I use one of those plastic POS's by Lee. It came with my original Anniversary kit and the only thing I've done is get a second one for smaller loads. Either one will measure large or small loads but making the adjustment is a pain. I can get ten of them for the price of one Harrell...
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