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Once, a while back after some time with a federal law enforcement agency, I witnessed, while off duty, on a city street..a woman trying to exit the passenger door..the driver/guy was holding on to seemed very hostile situation...they were yelling..she was yelling in spanish to let her go, etc(I assume)...after experiencing what goes and what didn't in my official capacities..I just drove around and headed home. There is no way I was going to put myself at liability for this type of situation. I believe it was just a simple domestic dispute, however, because of the politics of the situation, I just wasn't going to get involved. I would advise you to keep your distance and just call 911 and be a good witness, if you choose. Be careful. You think you're doing the "right" thing and end up wishing you kicked yourself in the ass and gotten your mind right..once you fire your weapon, all the evil ever commited in this world will not earn you an automatic free passage because of your supposed "righteous" act.( I assume).
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