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Strategy for catching brass at indoor range?

I finally fired off my first reloaded rounds today. Whee! 5.4 gr of unique behind a 230 gr bullet was considerably more mild than your average WWB load.

Anyways, I was having a heckuva time finding my brass. I think my recycling rate was probably only 75% or so. The others disappeared into the void like socks in a dryer.

So - what kind of strategies do you guys use to make your brass more findable? I found that standing a bit further back in the lane caused more rounds to bounce into my lane, and I made sure to sweep the place clean so that it was easy to identify my own rounds. It also occurred to me that I could mark my brass with a marker or something. 1 stripe for factory new loads. 1 additional stripe for every time a round has been reloaded.

But even still - it sucks to lose that much brass. Any suggestions?
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