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I've been chewing on this a bit, and have a question.

Ii loaded some 30/06's awhile back with a starting load out of Speer's manual, and got high primers. I wasn't going for a reduced load par se, just beginning to work a load up with new powder. It seems to me that these high primer loads are to be suspect of shoulder setback also.

When the primer/charge goes off, the case is forced forwards, setting back the shoulder but not enough force to set the case back against the breech/boltface, allowing the primer room to setback somewhat.

Would it be a reasonable assumption to say/suspect that the shoulder has set back the same amount as the high primer protrudes?

I haven't been reloading rifle cartridges near as long as I have been handgun. I was previously unaware about the shoulder setback issue (in this context) and as far as high primers go, figured, add more powder, the case wasn't necessarily trashed for high power loads. I'm now thinking differently. I haven't loaded those high primer cases again, though they are ready to go. You guys now have me thinking that I should trash these cases. These high primer loads were loaded with a medium heavy bullet.

Would case gauging these cases show me that the shoulder was set back on this brass? (I've been using the rifle chamber for /06.)
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