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Chris, I would get to 911 on my cell first and then, while standing back and in a very loud voice ask what the **** (I did the ***, not the computer) are you doing/up to.

If the guy (good or bad) cops an attitude then I would hold him at gunpoint until the cops come. If he comes to me in an aggressive way or says anything that makes me become fearful (and then moves in on me) then I will fire.

I'd rather be wrong then be right and not have done anything to help.

This is something that has given me much thought over the years. I get so tired of hearing about little girls being killed, women raped, criminals getting away with murder, literally. I am nothing but one lone person and I have no delusions of super heros or the guy with the white hat (as in the old westerns). Yet, I cannot just sit back and just say "well, I saw the crime but I couldn't do anything" as in, wouldn't do anything. I've read many of the posts and replies upon here, as well as others, and that others think that we're just out to "kill someone" or are "trigger happy", etc.. No, I'm not. I, like most here, do wish for a utopia where the guns that we carry are just done so because game is everywhere and you can "shop" (hunt) your meal for the night on your way home.

Yet it pains me when I "hear" (read) some of the replies that are given or in real life, see some of the things and the excuses that are given, when it comes to a fellow human being being vicimized.

Powderman has it right on his post (not this one, another and I'm too lazy right now to find and post a link). Most people are so caught up with what society tells them and shames them for that they will sit back and do nothing but a good witness at the murder trial.

I know that not all people are the same. I have thought upon this subject and I've decided that if I see such a thing happen, I will act. I am not a big man, I am 150lbs soaking wet and my powers of muscle could be described as the strength of a mouse, maybe even my cat (but she still beats the heck outta me).

As such, all I have is the power of man made products to make me able to overcome and intervine when a crime or most importantly, a violent crime is taking place. I know of these tools and I use them, if needed, to equalize my and the victims chances, of coming out of it alive.

Yet I will not give up my responsibility to help others that are in need if I am able, no matter my shortcomings.

I'm trying not to come off, on this post and others, as self-rightous or arrogant. I'm just trying to put into words that in my life, I've decided to help when I can, to use the tools available, and to take responsibility not only for myself, my own actions, but for others that need help or ask for help.

I'm not saying that one should pull their gun and use it as the first and only opinion, but that they are able to have such if it is needed. Due to many posts and replies that I have read, a canister of OC and maybe some lessons in boxing or some other form of personal defense is in order. But to not do anything or have the tools to be able to do something just seems like the new American way of not "getting involved" and giving a false sense of self respect or non guilt.

I'm sorry, I am stupid, I take full responsibility in what I do, and what I don't do, and what I've done.

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