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Glad to help.

WESHOOT2 pretty much hit it on the head. The 300 gr version should penetrate deeper, and would be my choice for hogs, or anything larger than deer. I am quite sure it will work very nicely on deer as well. I have always preffered the lighter XTP's on deer, but I think I may give the 300 gr loads a try on deer.

The loads you mentioned should be giving you plenty of velocity, esp. out of a 12'' T/C barrel.

From a penetration standpoint, higher impact velocity usually means less penetration. Conventional bullets expand more rapidly at higher velocities, losing weight and therefore inertia quickly. This isn't a bad thing neccessarily, especially on deer sized game.

That said, XTP's are wonderful hunting bullets. They expand very well,while retaining enough weight and shank length to penetrate completely.

Again, I am glad to help, and hopefully you can find that " perfect load".
Good shooting!
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