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Situation dictates reaction......

Here are some ideas to stop or change this BG's mind.......

Fake a heart attack...... I saw it on tv once and it worked.
Act as though your going to barf on him.......if he moves towards you - begin barfing :barf:
Inform BG that your going to be forced to jump over him - through the glass window and run off into the sunset... never to be seen again....
Act smart and make all actions of leaving quickly with your 6 covered....

If all this failed and he is coming at you with his Super Duper Swiss Army knife you might want to break leather and let him know it will be the last time he uses his knife or whatever other weapon he is planning on working you over with.... I think unless he is real dumb -which is likely, he might leave you alone and do one of the first 3 ideas listed at top?

Not saying it's for everyone or anyone.........just an idea
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