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Kris....Man.......I bow to you........

Actually the question was gun not guns so I won't embarass myself especially after iamkris's post .......I'll just list one and all around it's probably my favorite.It's the one that's with me wherever I go.

Remington 722 in .222 Rem.
It has a 700 varmint barrell rechambered from .223 so it has a little more twist and shoots 55gn. Sierra BTHP's very well.It's been glassed and floated and has a solid follower so it's a single shot.I have an old Weaver 3-9X40 on it and it always hits where I'm holding it when I squeeze the 2lb. trigger.

Crows don't stand a chance.It's a nice piece.Also have great confidence when still hunting whitetails at moderate ranges(Not recommended).I usually carry more gun with me for that but a well placed head or neck shot and ole nannys go down in their tracks.
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