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Just got a chance to check these replies.....finally got some warm (enough) weather here in Illinois to do some serious shooting. I'm getting 20 fps avg. more over my chrony with the non-wadded loads of SR4759 and the 110 gr. V-Max bullets. Haven't run into any problems with either load, but I guess being used to 30-06 loads running 60-70% load density, I have to consciously remember to tilt the muzzle upward before shooting to get those 27 gr. loads to the bottom of the shell when shooting the loads without wads.
BTW, Paul, the 1/4 piece of toilet tissue you recommended is what I've been using. I really like the lower recoil and I cannot gripe about the accuracy of the Hornady 110 gr. V-Max. I picked up some 2400 powder and will purchase some Unique shortly. Have never shot cast bullets, but might have to look at expanding into that area of reloading. Looks interesting. Paul, you mention using .310 size cast that because of the softness of the lead vs. copper jacket?
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