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That is why I stayed away from any "papered" dogs. Now, I must admit with my post on "Yippy Dogs", the Schipperke has really perked my interest. The lady, in her ad that I found (she's in Oregon) mentioned paying for the test of genetics and such on the parents and I guess will do so on the puppies.

I have looked at some other breeds (the mini dobie was mentioned) and the "curs" seem to be the best ones (that is what a boyhood friend's father said the dog was. It was "cheap" because one of the ears was deformed (me and my friend thought the dog looked cool) and from what I remember, it was the only one that survived from the litter as it grew because all the others had been breed too thin or something and had bad defects (but looked good for show :barf: ).

Oregon is pretty good about shutting down "backyard breeders" and all breeding dogs have to go to the vet to be checked for such defects (genes) and from what I understand, the breeders have to keep a log that must match up to their vets and can only breed so many times and brothers/sisters moms/sons, dads/daughters can't breed.

Good luck in your search.

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