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That's what I forgot to write in my post.

Yeah, learning striking and grappling is good. Judo does have strikes, but they are rarely taught in most schools (as most schools are sport oriented).

But I'm not a fan of the mix martial art styles many people claim are superior. They claim that it strengthens their abilities since the strengths of one style make up for the weaknesses of another, but I think they are just left with a "Jack of all trades, master of none" situation. I prefer to just tell people to focus on just one style at a good school for a while. In time, once you've got that more or less down, if you feel that approach to fighting isn't appropraite to you, try something else at.

I mean, do you go around carrying multiple guns? If you do is it because one is a backup incase the first one is unable to be used (dropped, snatched, jammed, etc) or because you have one gun for this scenario, one gun for this scenario, another for this, etc etc.
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