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Oh yeah, the poodle is very smart and a good hunter, in its original genetic form. It was one of the very FIRST breeds to be popularized and thus ruined (for the most part) by backyard breeders - but it happened a lot longer ago than some other breeds, so not as many recall that poodles ARE workers! (from the right breeding lines).

Yes, I want a lot, but I'm willing to pay a lot of dimes for it. I've had good dogs and so-so dogs, and in truth, my "best" dog right now in terms of personality and predatory instinct is a mutt that I took in off the street (literally). I really despise backyard breeders who breed without regard to health, temperament, and working ability. I think it's ridiculous for breeders to not have OFA certs on hips and eyes in any breed where they're known to be a strong possibility. And I think it's doubly ridiculous to not breed PRINCIPALLY for the working ability for which the breed was originally bred (with the narrow exception of toy dogs, who by definition, have no working ability), and secondly, for health qualities and temperant, and lastly, almost as an afterthought, some semblance to the physical breed standard. And I think it's OUR duty as consumers to hold these breeders to a high standard, and pay a little more - this would weed out most or all of the backyard breeders. If you want something cheap, for a good pet, get a pound dog. If you want a dog that will work, be willing to pay for it, and ostracize breeders who breed solely for confomation qualities. Any breeder can give lip service about how great the health of their dogs are, but if they're not willing to shell out a few buck for the TEST that proves this, and add a small amount to the cost of the dog, then there's a REASON they're not willing to test them - they're probably perpetuating bad genes, for the sake of profit only.
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