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I hate threads like this because I tend to adamently disagree with everyone and like to comment on what I feel is wholey inaccurate information being given, but since I'm an *******, here are my 2 cents.

Judo is fine as a self defense style....depending.

Remember every single martial art developed for specific needs and with a certain approach to how a fight is going to play out. For example, the kung fu styles that developed in nothern china focused more on kicks and distance attacks because they had the room to actually use them and it was expected that a fight would start at a distance. The styles that developed in southern china though focus more on punches and short range attacks because they were mainly in cities and didn't have a lot of range to fight from. Judo approaches a fight with the assumption that most all fights will start standing, so if you can control the fight there, you'll win. Brazilian / Jiu Jitsu however goes on the assumption that the fight will end up on the ground, so contol there and you'll win. This is why you tend to see more focus on throws in Judo and more on holds in B/JJ. So first figure out how you want to approach a fight. On a side note, grabbling styles like Judo, JJ, Akido, etc have the added side effect of being more oriented towards causing pain without leaving marks on the victim. Might make defending yourself in court a bit easier.

Continuing, whenever you hear someone say that such and such a style is "the deadliest" or "the most brutal" or anything like that, run quickly and stop listening to them advertise their style. Course, that's my personal opinion and explaining it further would probably lead to the admins threatening to ban me, so I'll leave it like that.

To address Judo vs Jujitsu specifically (since they are most related), there is nothing that they teach in Jujitsu that a Judo school focused on self defense wouldn't teach you, remember, modern Jujitsu is just a branch of Judo (which is just a branch of old school jujistu). A Judo school focused purely on sport would not teach you these things though simply because they wouldn't be usefull in tournaments. As far as one style being better then another.. meh. In controled matches Jujitsu practictioners don't often beat judo practictioners, but this tells us nothing more then who the better fighter was.
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