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Kris Rich, you have to many obvious glaring holes in your collection! For example, you list a 1919 in .30-06 and a 1919A4 in 7.62x51, but no M1919A6. When Meatloaf wrote the song "Two out of Three Ain't bad, he wasn't speaking about firearms.

Show this post to your boss or biggest customer and tell him I (everyone)said you need an immediate raise and a hefty bonus, and time off to build your collection up to an unembarassing level:-)

Also show this post to your wife or significant other, and let her know this is one of those crisis moments where her true mettle will be judged as to how she supports you in getting through these dark times.

Does anyone else need a post from an objective, disinterested bystander to give validation to a firearms shopping spree?

On a more serious note, how would you compare your 1927A1 to the Beretta Storm? I have a friend who wants a .45 ACP carbine, and these seem to be the only two I can think of that are in production.
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