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Ruger #1,

Thanks for the thorough reply and this helps a bunch. I had looked for the 'velocity window' on the Hornady website and did not find it. Didn't know what exactly I was asking for, but that is it and you have information about the velocity window that I have not yet found.

I went back to look again at the Hornady website and still have not located that information. Maybe I'm missing it or it is in their reloading manual.

Any other tips you have about the .44 mag that might be helpful? I have experimented with 2400 powder from 16.5 to 20 gr. behind the 240 XTP and am getting impressive results out of the 16.8 - 17 gr. for this 12 inch Encore barrel. Next, I'll have to figure out how fast that bullet is travelling.

Thanks again #1!


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