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I live in a long one story ranch house with lots of sliding glass doors facing the back. I know this bites tactically, but I do have an 80 lb. Akita covering the back. I have a decent alarm system with contact sensors on all entry points plus screen alarms which go off if pushed in or cut. I keep either the P245 or P229 in the night stand and my wifie has the GP 100 next to the bed frame (I hope she doesn't sleep shoot! ) I used to have the 870 in the closet loaded with progressively heavier rounds (bird shot, buck shot, slugs).

We were broken into when we first got married and we lost a LOT of stuff. Her friggin engagement ring, my wedding ring, wedding jewelry, cash and my P228 and P229. I didn't check if the safe was closed properly and I was too lazy to double lock it with the push button (Sentry Fire Safe). Make sure you use the darn push button since it will only engage if the handle is in the fully closed position. Also, check your darn safes.

Anyways, we moved pretty quick since my wife was too scared to go home alone and ended up waiting for me to get off from my job (after working a full day herself) at night to go home together. I set up that house like Fort Knox. There were contact sensors on all doors and windows, crisscrossing motion sensors, glass break sensors, battery backup, and cellular backup in case someone cut the phone line. The crazy thing is since we moved into a new community and the other side of the development was still under construction, there were at least half a dozen break ins in the area. The dog covered all the windows in the back and on the side. I had the Sig in the night stand and the wifie and the GP 100 and we had the shotgun behind the dresser. I also stored the rest of my guns in the closet so I'd say I was pretty heavily armed.

I just told my wife to grab the shotgun if she hears anything weird or if the alarm goes off. The sound of a 12 guage getting racked is probably a good enough reason to leave for most bad guys. I told her to brace the shotgun on the bed for support and cover since she would probably be too nervous to hold it steady. I instructed her to yell that she has a gun and that anyone going through the bedroom door would be shot. I just hope she won't need to get to the slugs!
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